Project Officer, Youth Livelihoods

Charles Mugarura

Charles Mugarura, 25 years, is a youth entrepreneur passionate about environment and permaculture eco –systems for sustainable transformation. He is a Global Youth Advocate for the Global Citizens’ Youth Symposium and has been working with young people on domesticating the Sustainable development Goals Agenda with a focus on youth livelihoods.

Charles currently runs the Youth Livelihood program at UYAHF that focuses on Empowerment and Skills development for Young People. He has also integrated a system that blends agriculture and permaculture eco-systems with maternal and child health, gender equality and women empowerment where Adolescent girls and young women are trained in various disciplines of sustainable eco-systems and agriculture to ensure food security, nutrition, medicinal foods. This has provided employment opportunities for young women and addressed issues of Gender inequality that affect young women through women Empowerment for Agriculture.