The Youth Livelihood Program

Our world is home to 1.8 billion young people between the ages of 10 and 24, and the youth population is growing fastest in the poorest nations mostly in Sub Saharan Africa. These young people have specific needs, challenges and aspirations for the future.
Never before have there been so many young people with great potential for economic and social progress. How we meet the needs and aspirations of our young people will define our common future. The skills and knowledge young people acquire must be relevant to the current economy and enable them to become innovators, thinkers and problem-solvers.

Uganda has one of the highest predominantly youth population in the world with 78% of its population being young people below 30yeras of age. More than half of the population (56%) is below 19 years. State of Uganda Population Report 2013.  This makes today’s generation of young people in Uganda and in many poor countries the largest in History; hence the young people’s choices and opportunities define the present and future of our world.

UYAHF runs a youth livelihood and  entrepreneurship skills empowerment program majorly targeting to empower and equip young people with practical entrepreneurship and innovative skills, knowledge and opportunities that they can use to venture into job creation and self sustaining income generating projects or use to find a job. The program’s enterprise areas include; innovation, practical and vocational skills social enterprise, environmental sustainability, sustainable agriculture, ICT and business management.