What We Do

Our works seeks to provide equips and inspires young people (10-30) years in Uganda with high quality, high impact and gender sensitive sexual reproductive health information through advocacy and accountability, capacity building and empowerment.

Our program interventions also emphasis inclusiveness, non discrimination and stigma with an aim of bring forth the and raising the voices and needs of young key population groups to be heard and integrated in program and decision making that matters to their health and well-being.

Our programs and work also addresses the need to promote gender equity and equality, through advocacy for promotion and respect of women’s and girls’ rights, prevention of sexual and gender based violence, and elimination of all forms of teenage pregnancies and child marriages. We mainly do this kind of work through community dialogues and engagements aimed at empowering communities and putting them at the fore front to lead on eliminating barriers that stand in the way of women and girls and deter them from fulfilling their potential.

We specifically put our emphasis on building the knowledge base of adolescents and young people especially young women from poor and vulnerable populations about their sexual and reproductive health and gender equality issues in a bid to support them in making right choices and positively influence their fellow peers.

Through our work we addresses the need to empower and build the capacities of young people in Uganda to lead on youth led advocacy and accountability for increased scale up of quality sexual reproductive health and rights including access to SRHR information and youth friendly services. For example we provide spaces for young people to be part of and participate in the Ministry of health adolescent health technical working and the Inter- ministerial committee for ESA commitments under Ministry of Education where we have membership status as a youth organization.

Issues of menstruation hygiene and management, young people access to contraceptive services and maternal newborn and child health are central to our sexual reproductive health program and focus is usually given to young girls and women including young mothers.

At UYAHF, we also run a youth livelihoods programs, aimed at equipping young people and more poor and vulnerable young women with practical and entrepreneurship skills for self sustainability purposes. Today we run a workshop that supports young people with practical entrepreneurship skills in hairdressing, fashion and design, production of sanitary wear among other things.