Uganda Youth and Adolescent Health Forum organized a contraception activity for youth champions in Central, Western, and Eastern Uganda. The contraception activity for change champions and young people was held on 16th October 2020, on a zoom call attended by 25 participants (F 17, M 8).

Uganda Youth and Adolescent Health Forum carried out a contraception activity for change champions and young people to enable them to integrate accurate sexual health and contraceptives information, into their existing sexual reproductive health education. After the introduction of the contraception activity to change champions and young people, there was a need to equip youth champions with knowledge on how to understand which contraceptive method is suitable for them.

The major objective of the contraceptive activity was to raise awareness around the myths and misconceptions of contraceptive use. The meeting was kicked off by participants defining key information around contraceptives and the different types of contraceptives they know. During the discussion, more emphasis was on knowing why the use of contraceptives is important. This is because many times people don’t know the importance of using contraceptives and in most cases, young people are okay with sharing their stories on contraceptives with their peers who have little or no knowledge of contraceptives. It was stressed that many young people who use contraceptives still end up with unintended and unwanted pregnancies. Participants were also taught how different contraceptives work for them to be effective. Finally, the change champions and young people were tasked to educate peers who seek out their help, the youth populations they serve, and others in the community with vital and accurate information on contraception.