Rita Ndizaani-Kyambogo University

Uganda Youth and Adolescents Health Forum’s workforce is filled with a team of young and vibrant people who wouldn’t rest until a specific task is accomplished. There are community and office-based activities on a daily and often times, I found myself bound to scale-up my speed and zeal to cope up. Being my first-time office environment, It wasn’t easy but eventually, I coped with the rest, now, I find it cool. Thanks to the team that was always willing to help.

Each day was a learning opportunity and key among those included; taking the first initiative. I got the opportunity to participate in the mbula kaleve campaign, also known as ‘Boys for Change’, whose aim is to involve boys and young men in SRHR issues. It was initially challenging in a way because gathering the community members in one place to give them information was an uphill task. Short of options, we had to improvise by lighting up the fireplace ‘Ekyoto’, which is one of the ways community gathered in traditional societies. Luckily, it worked and we managed to pull the audience we wanted that made an activity a success.

They say time is a scarce resource; this statement had never made much sense than it did during my internship period.  I would find myself on a daily with an activity to plan, execute and report on to my supervisors.

This could be the time I was made be part of the BOOKS BEFORE BABIES where I was able to acquire knowledge on sexual and reproductive health rights. It could be the RMNACAH summit at imperial royal Hotel, talk of the planning meetings with the hunger project among others.

The most remarkable issues UYAHF handles include; menstruation hygiene management. It gave me more light on what a girl child must do to ensure proper hygiene so that they are not interrupted especially during school-going time. Women empowerment and rights, HIV/Prevention and management, among others. Basically, this work placement gave me a chance to translate my theoretical knowledge into practice, an opportunity for which I am forever grateful.