With the on going lock down Uganda Youth and Adolescent Health Forum has been holding weekly podcasts under the booksb4babies campaign. Some of the topics covered so far are ; How do I manage my period ? What is a gender stereotype?What can I do to put a stop to child marriage? How do I maintain good hygiene during COVID-19? and Which LIFE SKILLS can help me to SUCCEED?

If you find yourself thinking on any of these questions, don’t miss the Ugandan Youth and Adolescent Health Forum  BooksB4BabiesPodcast!

The podcasts offers youth, as well as professionals and advocates a chance, to learn and reconsider ideas about some key issues In Uganda (but elsewhere too!). We tackle topics on gender equality, menstruation, hygiene, child marriage, family planning, abortions, puberty, life skills and more! The podcast aims to be a platform of change and online engagement during the COVID-19 crisis.

But why listen to a podcast when I can watch Netflix?! Well, listening to this podcast may help you in some unexpected ways, like: how to handle your period when it is heavy,, how to support girls who are having difficulties with their periods, who to go to if you suspect child marriage in your village, how thinking critically can help you be a better person, or how to shut down a hurtful gender stereotype.

Plus, we host people from all over the world who advocate, challenge, and work daily on these issues. So, why not challenge yourself to learn in lock-down? Read books (or listen to podcasts!) before babies. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and of course, Sound Cloud where we release a new podcast every week!