Buliisa Leadership Orientation Meeting

There are many stories surrounding the need to have many children. Did you know that some people produce a lot of children because they are competing with other cultures within their district? While others produce because they believe that if GOD fails to give you wealth then he gives it to your children? All these stories were shared during our interactions with the district officials on 2nd July 2020 during the orientation meeting.  This calls for proper packaging of information as its being delivered to our target beneficiaries as there are some people who can’t differentiate FP, child spacing, and stopping to produce. Statistics worth noting, the Percentage of FP at the district level is low at 39 and yet that of unmet need is 28, this implies a lot of challenges to the district suiting an external hand of USAID especially with the expertise of UYAHF who use the youth approaches.

Participants identified some challenges that hinder the uptake and access of family planning among which were misconceptions, side effects, myths, lack of comprehensive information, transfers of the already trained health workers, illiteracy, gender inequality, cultures, religions, poverty hence can’t access FP which has to be paid for as well as lack of supplies. All these were noted by the FP team and will be addressed using different interventions and at different levels.

There are partners in the district such as Marie stopes and IDI but have limited areas of interventions and Baylor is the only organization with in the area dealing with adolescent issues but they are dealing with few young people and in specific sub-counties. UYAHF will consult Baylor before kick-starting off with implementation.

Key issues to note during implementation included;

  • Bisaka cult to always be recognized among the religious institutions.
  • The district is in need of FP services and their willingness to support us
  • As we do the sensitizations, there is a need to involve non-health stakeholders and equip them with FP information.
  • Men involvement is key since they are family decision-makers
  • Support the district with the supply chain to avoid issues of shortages that demoralize women.

Way forward for UYAHF

  • Work with Baylor to map out other organizations dealing with adolescents
  • Work with already trained VHTs and peer educators to reach communities
  • Male engagement is key in our programming
  • Advocate for youth district coordination mechanisms because they do not exist
  • Building capacity of different stakeholders will help us achieve more within a short time