Butambala and Gomba Districts Orientation Meeting For The District Heads

Participants holding discussions during the inception meeting

The two inception meetings took place on the 16th and 17th of June respectively with Sheila from Pathfinder as the lead informs of mobilization for the district team. The inception meeting team from USAID had members from all partner organizations, UYAHF inclusive who gave highlights about their respective roles.

We had Eric from samasha, Irene, and James from UPMB, Winnie, and Joyce from UYAHF who kept sharing their key areas of intervention that are around youth engagement, referral, innovative solution, and advocacy and Dr. Ritah and Dorah from Pathfinder. The two orientation meetings involved key stakeholders among which were Ass’s DHOs, RDCs, DCDOs, DEOs the Deputy CAO, HIV focal person, midwives, youth focal persons, etc

The reception was indeed positive and wonderful especially when the President of the District himself of Butambala confirmed willingness to support the team especially because FP is an aspect that is always in cooperated in his speech as he does visits in the hospital, especially to the women.

The ASS DHO went on and shared challenges faced by  Butambala district such as lack of skills by healthy workers to deal with FP effects, stock-outs, irregularity of the supplies, lack of ICT material with FP information, the paused adolescent health policy that denies some people to comfortably talk about FP among youth, lack skills in providing youth-friendly services, etc which will be our basics of intervention as UYAHF.

Participants in Gomba had concerns about the need for youth corners, male involvement, teachers engagement, taking FP services to ART clinics, continue with Vhts models, faith-based organizations, midwives being half-backed during training, economic support for youth, etc. These are all issues around youth and UYAHF is willing to intervene accordingly.

A good one to note was that the DEO advised us to b selective on the methods of FP in schools and Winnie the youth advisor clarified that our major focus in school will be providing SRHR s information, not actual service but can refer in case of need while recommending our team through UPRB that will convince religious leaders to adopt FP teachings in their lessons of preaching since some of them consider FP as an immoral act promoting sexuality.

In responding to community concerns, the emphasis was to use a mentorship program for training health workers, identifying important partnerships in line with our work that can support Skilling for the youth, our willingness to share work plans, budgets n reports with the district.