TOR For The Development of UYAHF Interactive Website


Uganda Youth and Adolescent Health Forum-UYAHF is a dynamic youth-led and youth serving health, human rights, and girl centered organization that seeks to advance quality health and well-being for adolescents and young people. UYAHF’s overall goal is to empower young people more so adolescent girls and young women to attain better health, build agency, live quality lives with equity, dignity, and opportunities to realize their full potential.

 Scope of Work

UYAHF is seeking a consultant or firm to develop their website on a hosting site NameHero as well as website maintenance and search engine optimization.

UYAHF strives to cultivate a vibrant youth-led and youth serving community that supports, guides and strengthens the promotion, interaction, dissemination among targeted audiences, and enhances organizations’ visibility, identity, and reputation in Uganda.

The consultant/ firm  will be expected to undertake the following tasks:

  1. Develop the user-friendly (both on the front and back end) design, layout, structure, all including strong visual language and a responsive design for the website by following an iterative development process with the involvement and support of the UYHAF communication team.
  2. Integrate effective search and aggregate functions that interact with social media platforms, discussion boards, and linkages to an easily managed e-mail newsletter as well as a way to manage visitors and those interested in receiving updates about our organization.
  3. Develop an interactive panel that enables site visitors to subscribe and access information on our website.
  4. Guide UYAHF communications team on web hosting needs and security setups and administration privileges and controls.
  5. Develop a clear and accessible user guide, back office, and troubleshooting manual for the website.
  6. Train 5 UYAHF staff on how to manage and update the new website and easy to read user guide/training guide.
  7. Develop a unique layout that shows real-time information and automatic instant updates and the number of website visits. (without someone having to do it manually).
  8. Provide regular maintenance and updates of the UYAHF website for 12 months during which the contractor will provide training to the UYAHF communication team on the same.
  9. Develop panels that display success stories, photo galleries, newsletters, videos, etc.
  10. Create a separate webpage for the UYHAF adolescent health clinic that should be integrated into the main website.

Expected results

  • Following the UYAHF branding guidelines, design a new look and feel for the UYAHF website capturing the different functionalities outlined in this TOR. 
  • Ensure a consistent visual language on the new site by introducing fixed styles in templates ensuring consistency in fonts, formatting, icons, images, and layout techniques.
  • The website should be adapted to the homepage, sections, subsections, and the following components of the site: home, about us, what we do, our partners, media, publication, and event webpage template. 
  • Standard page elements including header, footer, tabs, persistent navigation, contact us, email, and page print options should be included in the new templates.
  • Functionalities should include the following features feed links, responsive design, social media sharing features – including twitter share by text selection and Twitter feed by handle and hashtag, multiple page styles and custom post types, language options feature in resources and guidance templates, search function by the news, type of publication/guidance, type of resource, events, success stories, and issue, search resources by free text, interactive map, signup for the latest news, link the site with other platforms and password-protected pages. 
  • Develop a user manual and organize a webinar for the communication staff and system administrators to perform the content upload, system maintenance, and administration.
  • Support and maintenance: Administrative and technical support, quality control for 6 months. 
  • Full source code including all developed libraries shall be handed over to UYAHF.
  1. Basic structure of the UYAHF website
  • English version (Single Language)
  • Mobile compatibility.
  • Effective Navigation.
  • Usable forms.
  • Browser consistency.
  • News / blog functionality.
  • Social media integration.
  • Access to a range of content writing guides & templates

Required skills and experience:

  • Be a reputable individual or firm with at least 5 years of prior experience designing visually appealing and navigation friendly websites.
  • Familiarity and relevant experience in using different Content Management Systems (CMS).
  • Have a broad knowledge of current web development technologies and design tools in the field, and new software and other web programming languages and programs including the use of HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, Macromedia Flash, Java.
  • Have excellent knowledge of recent trends in graphic design, websites, including online video publishing, and social media networking.
  • Demonstrate the ability to create innovative and visually appealing designs.

Management Arrangements:

Organization setting: The service provider will be contacted by the procurement department and supervised by the UYAHF communications team.

The service provider will work outside the project office and will participate in all working meetings with UYAHF related to this work.

Terms of Payment

Payment will be disbursed in two installments 50% upon award and 50% upon satisfactory completion of the assignment.

Interested: Send your portfolio including links to some of your projects to and copy no later than Monday 18th April 2022.