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Young people are taken through the practical session of making donuts

Three days of training from 26th to 28th October 2020 was organized by the Mbale Network of young people living with HIV/AIDS in partnership with the Uganda Youth and Adolescent Health Forum in Mbale District. The economic training under the theme Skilling for self-sustainability, readiness, and response to SRHR needs of young people” was attended by 50 (33 Male, 17 Female) participants who came from the districts of Mbale, Tororo, and Butalejja. The objectives of the training were to; empower young people with financial management skills and equip them with product marketing strategy.

The first day of training was a theory session on how to make paper bags, candles, and bakery business enterprises, facilitated by Elite Youth. Uganda is ranked as one of the best entrepreneur countries but many of these businesses don’t get to see their first birthday. This is brought about by many factors and one of them being poor financial management. A certified accountant working with Wash and Wills hotel undertook the participants through a financial session training.

The second day involved practical sessions in bakery, paper bags, and candle making. This session filled many participants with a lot of excitement as they were looking forward to producing their first items. The bakery team produced products such as cakes, while the paper bags team produced packaging materials and envelopes of different shapes and sizes, lastly, candles of different styles were made.

On the third day, participants perfected their newly acquired skills and were guided on how to make new items such as chapattis and samosas. In the evening, participants were taken through another session on financial management and divided into groups where the leadership of different enterprises was set to start the business.

By the end of the training, Mr. Loving from Wash and Wills promised to recruit 2 of the trained young people in their bakery, while Elite Youth promised to recruit 5 of the trained young people as their training facilitators.

Young people are taken through the process of making paper bags