Menstrual health hygiene and management remains a challenge for many girls and young women across the country, as many of them do not have the right information, menstruation materials, proper disposal facilities and even basic clean water. This issue is most wide spread in rural Uganda and in the poorer communities in the urban regions and largely remains staple in these communities because of socio-cultural norms.

On 8th November, Uganda youth and adolescents health forum under the Youth Hub hosted a menstrual hygiene management session to provide correct information, break myths and norms around MHM. One of the fundamental expectations was to involve the male participants in the process of making MHM normal and for the boys to end period stigma.

youth hub change champions learning how to make reusable sanitary towels

The hot and humid afternoon saw the youth hub buzz with a hive of activity as the nearly fifty eager and hungry to learn attendees comprised of both boys and girls, asked their questions to the UYAHF change champions who steered the session. Questions like is menstrual flow blood pure? , When do periods begin? , Is it normal to have your period twice a month and so many more were raised and answers provided to the crowds satisfaction.

After an intense Q & A session, a skilled producer from the UYAHF Vine Pads project took over in teaching the learners how to make a reusable sanitary pad from readily available materials. This part of the afternoon was even livelier than the question and information session. Everybody was tasked with following the multiple steps and in the end come up with their very own reusable pad and much to everybody’s surprise, a boy ended up with making the best reusable sanitary towel. The much active and highly participatory session was concluded with a review session and everyone with smiles on their faces and pad at hand.