This year, we are happy to receive a dynamic team of new staff in the departments of; programs and communications. Uganda Youth and Adolescents Health Forum (UYAHF) is a fast growing organisation, which is very receptive of fresh ideas, new people and talent. Here is what each of them feels about joining the UYAHF team.

APIO WINNIE: Programme Officer- Sexual Reproductive Health Rights and Gender

WINNIE Quotes: “I am very elated to have joined the UYAHF team. Prior to my joining, I knew it as a fun and dynamic group of young people working cohesively to impact the lives of young people in the community. I am glad to have found this and more during my first days here and to have seen the dynamism in action through the different activities that we have been involved in.  I am especially glad to take up the role of project officer SRHR and Gender Equality because it puts me directly in line with impacting women and girls; for whom I am passionate, and also makes me better positioned to directly impact the organization and the community around. I look forward to a great working experience here and overall fundamental growth; both for myself and the organization”

Mary Mutonyi: Project Officer Youth Hub

MARY quotes: “I am a young and passionate woman who is excited to work with/for any great team that champions affairs of young people. Joining Uganda Adolescents and Health Forum -UYAHF team as a support member gratifies my innermost emotions.Seeing the organisation’s program areas in the next 5-year strategic plan, I get the conviction that this is where I belong”

Nelson Kukundakwe:                                                                                Advocacy, Communication, Innovation and Documentation Officer

 Nelson Quotes“Seeing one in every four girls aged between 15 -19 years in Uganda already mothers or pregnant with their first child, many out of school really challenged me to question how I could contribute with in my means. Many of these pregnant girls have little to do with informed choices. Often times, it is a consequence of inadequate information, discrimination, rights violations among others. It is against this background that the extent of need in Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights and Education. I am excited that UYAHF gave me the opportunity and the platform, from which I can amplify voices of these young stars through communication, and advocacy”.