Every Hour Matters campaign (EHM) project brief


The Every Hour Matters Campaign (EHM) is a global advocacy campaign to raise awareness and spark action around the critical need for post-rape care. Launched by Together for Girls in 2016 with an aim of increasing awareness of the critical importance of quickly accessing post-rape care

The campaign amplifies a critical but little-known message: Every Hour Matters’ for survivors of sexual violence in accessing care. 

The campaign empowers young leaders through training for peers who seek out their help, the youth populations they serve and other key community gates keepers, like social workers, health workers, VHTs, law enforcers in the community with vital and accurate information on post-rape care.


  • To raise awareness on post rape care support among vulnerable adolescents and young people and key gate keepers. 
  • To increase demand and uptake of post rape care support services among victims of sexual and gender-based violence. 
  • Build capacity of community youth leaders (champions, peer educators, volunteers) on the EHM campaign and implementation of the EHM youth engagement toolkit. 
  • Build capacity of community gate keepers (religious and cultural leaders, teachers, VHTs, teachers, health workers, social workers, law enforcers etc) on the EHM campaign and implementation of the EHM youth engagement toolkit. 
  • To increase and facilitate reporting of cases of sexual and gender-based violence among victims.
  • To support rollout of the EHM youth engagement tool kit at community level.

Key targets achieved

  • Held 14 Planning meetings with key stakeholders at regional and district level
  •  Held a 2day national Orientation training for CDC & PEPFAR partners and gov’t reps (MOH and Prisons)
  • Trained 38 officers from Uganda Prisons from respective districts
  • 14 Inception meetings at district level covering 7 sub regions of West Nile, Rwenzori, Masaka, Mubende, Teso ,   Karamoja  and Kampala 
  •  28 Trainings conducted trainers of trainees on the EHM Youth Engagement Toolkit (youth leaders and gate keepers) 
  • Total targets reached 587 reached 201 males   386 Females both gate keepers and young people

Outcomes of the EHM campaign

Increased awareness on the availability of post rape care services among young people and key gate keepers

Increased Stakeholder involvement in the EHM campaign in the targeted districts

Enhanced capacities of the young people and gate keepers on the utilizing the youth engagement toolkit


Successfully engaged with key Stakeholder in the campaign at different levels right from the national, regional district level and community level

Both Young people and gatekeeper’s capacities were built through the Tool kit training

Active Health partner involvement in the trainings in all the target districts conducted