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Rebeca, a Power To Youth Uganda youth advocate, shares inspirational experiences.

Attending the National Women’s Day Celebration in 2024, Rebeca, a Power To Youth (PTY) Uganda Youth advocate from Mbale, gained a profound realization: with courage and support, women and girls can achieve remarkable feats. Reflecting on her experience at the event held on March 8th, 2024, Rebeca emphasized the importance of empowering women and girls to unleash their full potential.


Supported by the Uganda Youth and Adolescent Health Forum, Rebeca and three other youth advocates, sponsored by the Power to Youth program, participated in the commemoration held on March 8, 2024, at Boma grounds, Katakwi district. The event, graced by Uganda’s President, H.E. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, and other dignitaries, provided a platform for showcasing the creativity and potential of women and girls.

Participating in the exhibition as part of the event, Rebeca and her fellow advocates highlighted the critical role of adolescents and young people in advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH), advocating for contraception use to prevent teenage pregnancies, and promoting reusable sanitary pads to combat period poverty.


Rebeca was inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit evident among women, particularly those in small-scale businesses and the military. Witnessing the array of innovative products showcased at the exhibition reaffirmed her belief in the resilience of adolescent girls.


However, Rebeca acknowledged the challenges faced by many adolescent girls, especially in rural communities, where lack of information, self-esteem issues, and societal stereotypes hinder their progress. She emphasized the need for support and opportunities for girls to thrive independently.


I believe to many; the day was just a celebration but to me, this was a worthwhile experience of learning and exploring different opportunities that, as girls, we can leverage to become independent and self-reliant. “We see the case of teenage pregnancies, child marriages, and period poverty because the girls lack support, they cannot cater for basic needs not because they are unable to but rather because they are uninformed and have no platform to start their initiatives, which leaves them with no option rather than depending on their male counterparts who take advantage of them.” She explained.


Highlighting issues like teenage pregnancies, child marriages, and period poverty, Rebeca underscored the importance of empowerment and access to resources. She emphasized the significance of events like National Women’s Day in building confidence and resilience among adolescent girls. Rebeca expressed gratitude to the Power to Youth project for providing opportunities to participate in such national events, enabling youth to network, learn, and drive positive change in their communities.


Through Rebeca’s inspiring journey, we’re reminded of the transformative power of support and empowerment in unlocking the potential of women and girls worldwide.