On 16th Oct 2021, Uganda Youth and Adolescent Health forum carried out a community outreach on Integrated Community SRHR, HIV, and SGBV Awareness Outreach at Nylon, northern division in Mbale district.

It was organized under the objective; To create public awareness on safe abortion, address abortion stigma and common myths and misconceptions and advocate for the decriminalization of abortion through rallying public support and change of attitudes.

The outreach attracted 92 people from the community including 27 males and 65 females who received services in HIV testing and STI testing and treatment, SGBV screening, male condom distribution, and family planning.

During the outreach,40 people tested for HIV and received counseling and linkage to care services,  7 women received the Sayanapress Family planning method, 20 received SGBV screening, 25 tested and received treatment for STI and over 4000 pieces of male condoms were distributed in the community.

During a family planning learning session led by Nakato Joyce, a programs officer at UYAHF, some of the young mothers revealed a number of myths and misconceptions about family planning.

Ms. Joyce Nakato, a program officer at UYAHF takes a group of young mothers and adolescent girls on a FP session during the outreach in Mbale.

Nabukwasi Joan, a young mother stated that in the community, people say that when you go for a family planning method when you have not yet produced, you will never be able to ever Another young mother, Susan also revealed that people say that one will continuously bleed and lose weight when they go for family planning.

Ms. Joyce used the session to demystify all the myths and misconceptions and encouraged the young people to avoid depending on information from people in the community but consult qualified health workers from approved health facilities.

Dr. Moses Baganzi, the incherge UYAHF Adolescent health clinic advised the young people to always go for regular testing so as to know their health status and stay healthy.

He also shared with and encouraged the participants to utilize the toll-free SUUBI helpline to access free SRHR services and information.

“I further encourage you to visit Adolescent health clinic found at Half London in Namatala for youth-friendly services and also you can take part in our youth hub activities “Moses Added. The VHTs committed to continuing working with UYAHF in mobilizing more outreaches.