In preparation to kickstart the Local Service Delivery For HIV/AIDS Activity (LSDA) in Mbale city and Budaka district, the Uganda Youth and Adolescent Health Forum (UYAHF) conducted two-day district orientation meetings for the two districts to share the activity’s objectives and how they interact with the local community.

The Local Service Delivery for HIV/AIDS Activity is being implemented with support from The Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau (UPMB/USAID) and aims at strengthening the quality and sustainability of the private-not-for-profit (PNFP) HIV service delivery to effectively support the achievement of the Government of Uganda and PEPFAR goals of reaching and maintaining HIV epidemic control by 2020 and ending AIDS by 2030.

During the meetings held on May 9th and 10th, 2022, the UYAHF team met separately with district officials from the two districts as well as visited three health facilities, including Namengo HC III in Budaka, Kolonyi HC IV in Budaka, and Ndola

While meeting the Mbale city stakeholders at Mbale city Headwaters, the City Assistant Town Clerk, Mr. Kenneth Katuli, welcomed the UYAHF team and noted that Mbale is privileged to be considered for such interventions.

 “In fact, for a very long time, Mbale has been a hotspot for HIV and Aids.” Although the rate is dropping, such interventions are key to ensuring that we have zero HIV rates in the district, “Mr. Kituli added.

Kirunda Mary, the project coordinator, highlighted that the focus in the Bugisu sub-region and Bekedi sub-region will be geared towards seeing that new HIV infections are prevented.

“Whereas innervations to support people living with HIV are in place, we need to start looking at how we can stop new HIV cases, and this is exactly what we shall focus on with your support as the stakeholders.”

 This was followed by a discussion from both the city stakeholders and UYAHF to have a better understanding of what is expected as well as the role to be played by different stakeholders during the implementation.

 Dr. Moses Mugonyi, the City Health Officer who chaired the meeting, pledged to support the Local Service Delivery for HIV/AIDS Activity in Mbale City.

While in Budaka, the team was warmly welcomed by the district Chief Administrative Officer, Mr. Elly Piuuang, who also pledged full support to UYAHF in the implementation of the LSDA-related work.

By the end of the introductory meeting, Mbale city stakeholders committed to supporting Local Service Delivery for HIV/AIDS Activity and looked forward to more opportunities to work with UYAHF in achieving its organizational mandate.

The UYHAF team also later visited Joy Medical HC II in Mbale City and met with the facility in charge to establish ways on how they will collaborate and make the health facility