There’s a common saying that goes “work with out play makes Jack a dull boy”, and at the Youth Hub, we take this saying seriously, that is why on Friday 1st November, we were all about games and sports. It is a well-known fact that staying fit and living a healthy life style is essential for a long, fruitful and productive life. A person who exercises and is physically active is less likely to suffer from heart diseases, obesity and other diseases and conditions that arise from eating and living an unhealthy life style.

Getting girls engaged in sports at the youth hub

The activities from this hub session were all geared towards sports and keeping the youthful participants active. The afternoon started off with information on healthy living, the importance of living a healthy life and most importantly how to eat healthy. As it is a well-known fact that many young people these days love to eat fast and junk foods, but these foods have serious consequences and the effects are even more devastating when the individual does not work out or is physically inactive. The skilled sports instructor also linked physical fitness through working out regularly to reducing cramp pains during women’s periods, which really got the attention of many of the female attendees.

The Q and A session was then followed by more interactive and hands-on activities, which brought out the competitive side of everybody, games such as volley ball, miniature soccer, egg races to mention but a few, saw the girls compete against the boys and much to everybody’s surprise, the girls actually gave the boys a run for their money, however the boys managed to catch up. The fun and games didn’t stop at outdoor games; chess, cards and checkers were also available for the brainier people. By the end of the days, the exhausted but satisfied participants left not with a leaf of knowledge but with a whole tree of information on the uses of physical fitness to their overall health.