Pathways of Change

Quality Health and Wellbeing for Adolescents and young people

  • Enhance young people’s increased demand, access and uptake of quality youth friendly sexual reproductive health services and information (family planning, MCH, and post-abortion care.
  • Mobilize young people and empower them to challenge restrictive social norms and barriers that undermine and limit access and uptake of SRHR services.
  • Demystify myths and misconceptions associated with SRHR services like family planning, and sexuality education.
  • Enhance young people’s knowledge on the basic concepts of safe motherhood and advocate for adolescent-responsive MCH care.
  • Promotion of menstruation with dignity
  • Promotion of HIV prevention, care, and treatment among young people.

Enhancement of gender equality and empowerment of women and girls

  • Prevention and response to sexual and gender based violence (facilitating reporting of cases, access to justice, psychosocial support, post rape care support, access to safe spaces)
  • Elimination of negative social cultural norms and harmful practices including; child marriages and FGM
  • Mobilization of communities to challenge restrictive social norms that papertrate SGBV and harmful practices
  • Respect for body autonomy and integrity and building confidence among young girls.
  • Promotion of girl child education
  • Rehabilitation and re-intergration of victims of violence back to normal

Youth entrepreneurship and skills development

  • Equipping young people with practical entrepreneurship skills and basic business management knowledge.
  • Internships and apprenticeships for young people
  • Preparing, connecting and linking young people to job opportunities
  • Database for job opportunities and job seekers