Stepping it up for gender equality – for girls and boys

9th March 2017

Kampala Uganda

Anna Kukundakwe the Uyahf Program Manager speaking to students of Mita College during the 2017 International Women’s Day celebrations School Outreach.As the World Celebrated International Women's Day, we could not hold back but, join in and do what we do best – reaching out to the grassroots adolescents and young people and guiding them in breaking the myths, stigma and taboos that surround issue of health, gender and their well-being as well as guiding them in making the right choices.

So, yesterday, we decided to spend our International Women's Day with adolescent boys and girls at MITA College School in Kawempe. Mita College, is a community secondary school located in Kawempe Kutano, a Kampala suburb with about 400 students. The school has both O and A level and it is a mixed day and boarding primary school.

Many of the students at this school are from what we would refer to, as low income families and a number of them have grown up in the slum environment of of Kawempe noted Tr. Beth the Deputy Head teacher.

This definitely puts them at high risk of various social risks associated with young people who grow up from poor and vulnerable backgrounds and more so in a slum environment she added. Tr. Beth also went ahead to note that, some of the major risks their young people undergo range from, early sexual debuts with associated effects of HIV and STI infection, Teenage Pregnancies, Child Marriages, sexual and gender based violence, negative peer pressure, substance abuse, school drop outs among other,