On 5th May 2021, the UYHAF team handed over the items they purchased for the Sweswe youth center to the advocacy champions in the presence of the camp management and youth center caretaker. The items included a mini address speaker, piano, sewing machines, television, outdoor and indoor games among others. Before purchasing these items the UYHAF team worked closely with the young people, community engagement lead in charge of youth affairs. The handover ceremony was attended by 16 participants (4 F and 12M). UYHAF is utilizing the Sweswe youth space to promote positive social behavior towards the prevention of teenage pregnancy and child marriages in Kyaka II refugee settlement, Kyegegwa district.

Patrick Mwesigye team leader while giving his remarks informed the advocacy change champions that they have received training in gender equality and SRHR, therefore they need to train other young people within the community. This will help them in knowledge retention but also once they outgrow the roles there will be equipped young people in the community to take over. On this day Wednesday 5th May 2021 UYHAF has delivered items for the Sweswe youth space, we are very much interested in talent nurturing so among the items we bought are indoor and outdoor games and a music system ‘’said Patrick Mwesigye’’. The most successful people in the world aren’t lawyers, medical doctors, or those who sit in offices but rather paid for their talents such as footballers, swimmers, and musicians. He shared briefly about the Queen of Katwe movie with the advocacy change champions and informed them that his reason for sharing was to trigger those with talents to work on them. With the outdoor and indoor games, the young people can form clubs, hold competitions amongst themselves at the Sweswe youth center or the district and also train other young people within the community on how to play these games.

Mr. Natuhweera Benson thanked UYHAF for fulfilling their promise and being consistent when it comes to the issues of adolescents and young people in Kyakka II refugee settlement, Kyegegwa district. I want to assure you that these items will be safely kept as the Sweswe youth center has an organized structure that is why this particular youth center is still up and running. This youth space is managed by the youth, and the prime minister’s office only comes by for monitoring.  We are overly joyed that among the items delivered by the team is a piano the one we had got spoilt. The Sweswe youth center is overwhelmed by demands and we pray that you continue to engage your donors so that the youth space can be equipped with more items. I will ensure that all the youth in the community enjoy these items

Ms. Mutesi Yvette thanked the UYAHF team on behalf of the advocacy champions. We are grateful to the UYHAF team for always having the interests of young people at heart ‘said Ms. Mutesi Yvette’. She requested that if there is room for more items let the youth center have laptops added to their wish list because the ones that they were using to study and develop their IT skills are too old and can’t be repaired.

Ms. Nakyegera Norah took the advocacy change champions through the formation of a new committee since the majority of the members on the previous committee are no longer available to take up their roles. The advocacy champions were in agreement and a committee comprising Mutesi Yvtee as the chairperson, Elisha Christiser as the mobilizer, Uwineza Sandrine as the in-charge, and Fabrice Mikalazilo the secretary, and Amina Imanikuzi as the caretaker was formed.