Waiting for menstrual periods after having unprotected sex can be a very exhausting experience. For months now, she (Ann) has been living with this anxiety.

Following a sexual affair with an old man-Fek who many times deceived her to use a coke and have sex while standing for contraception.

After missing her menstruation for months, she turns to Fek-a prospective person responsible for her pregnancy. To her surprise, Fek denies responsibility, dragging her into more problems.

It’s now confirmed that Fek, who clearly lacks information about and the use of contraceptives has just landed little Ann in trouble of teenage pregnancy.

Ignorantly, her friends are advising her to visit a traditional herbalist for abortion services.

Ann, like most girls in Uganda and beyond, has no luxury of accessing contraceptives, abortion and post-abortion services should they decide too.

What should Ann do in such a case? We would like to hear from you.