Power To You(th) Uganda is excited to bring to you one of the country’s biggest youth festivals, dubbed “Power To Youth Festival 2023,” happening on December 2 in Isingiro district, Western Uganda.  The festival has been organized by the Uganda Youth and Adolescent Health Forum (UYAHF), under the theme: 16 Days of Activism: Invest to Prevent Violence Against Women and Girls.

Our overarching goal for this festival is to raise awareness among adolescent girls and young people about the socioeconomic effects of the magnitude of teenage pregnancy, child marriages, and sexual violence problems, including how to prevent and manage these challenges.

  • Establish a secure learning platform for learning among adolescents and young people, key stakeholders, and like-minded organizations.
  • Foster awareness and agency on violence against the girl child among families, communities, and law enforcement agencies to catalyze positive attitudes and behaviors that foster peace and positive relationships.

​​The Power To Youth (PTY) festival will be held over a period of 16 days of activism against violence perpetrated on women and girls. It will largely be an avenue to raise awareness about girls’ rights, challenging sexual gender-based violence (SGBV), and other harmful practices in the district.  It will also provide an opportunity for the PTY partners, donors, youth advocates, and young people to share good practices from the three years of implementation while reflecting on bettering the project.

Largely, it will be an informal free space that will feature structured informal dialogue; experience sharing; learning and commitment from state actors and societal actors; music; dance; and drama from the various schools speaking to the theme. Young people who are creating a huge impact within the community by finding solutions to the SRHR challenges faced by young people will be awarded for their outstanding performance. At the festival, we shall partner with CSOs and the district to support the provision of SRH services such as counseling, SGBV screening, HIV and STI testing, and the provision of contraceptives, among others.

The festival will also be supported by live social media feeds through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, championed by young people who will also be supported with advocacy messages. Additionally, the festival will feature outdoor and indoor sports that will target innovatively sharing information about women’s and girls’ rights and gender equality. Booths will be set up for the adolescents to acquire information on topics such as menstruation, contraceptives, etc., and games, among others

Additionally, it will draw participants from all walks of life in the district, including adolescent girls and boys both in and out of school, young women, PTY youth advocates, PTY consortium partners, donors, ministers, and members of parliaments, CSOs, district luminaries, religious and cultural leaders, media persons, local artists, and dance groups, among others.


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