A wise person once noted that ‘coming together is a beginning. Keeping together progress. Working together is successes. Premised on the goal to uphold the spirit of ‘UYAHFISM’ and promote teamwork, the UYAHF staff held a two day retreat from 17th to 18th April 2019 at Forest Cottages Naguru. The purpose of the retreat was to revise the 2019 work plan and to share the first quarter reports from the different departments. The retreat was also meant to allow the team to collectively work together to plan for the second quarter activities.

While speaking to the team, Patrick Mwesigye, the team leader appreciated the great strides that the team has been able to move in these few months. ‘Although we are a small team, we have been able to do work that many big teams take much longer to do. This is because of our commitment to the organization and for that, I appreciate every one of you.’ He noted. He went on to further encourage the staff to continue to work as a team and to constantly build each other up in their work. He also emphasized the value of open and honest feedback between the team to ensure that we all grow together as one body.

The retreat was an exciting time for the team as it allowed them to re-evaluate and plan for some of the activities they had jointly suggested for this year. Some of the great new highlights for this year will be the launch of the condom bank in the youth hub and the roll out of a mobile app for the organization. The team also looks forward to having more change champions involved in the youth hub activities as we re-design a fun and dynamic strategy for how to reach out to young people and impact their lives with information on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, livelihoods and gender empowerment and equality.

As a close to the retreat, the team agreed to have retreats every quarter to evaluate their work and to plan for the next quarter. It was also agreed that the official closing date for this year will be December 9th 2019 to allow the team a week to deliberate on the plans for the next year. We look forward to a very fruitful second quarter and a productive year ahead.