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#TondekaMabega Campaign - "Leaving No One Behind"

In September 2015, world leaders from 193 countries gathered in New York in the United States of America to adopt the Sustainable Development Goals, a trans-formative agenda that will drive the world's development for the next 15 years. The SDG's build on both the finished and unfinished business of the MDGs.

The SDGs commonly known as agenda 20130 is anchored on four major principals namely; universal, sustainability, Leaving No One Behind and participation.

The SDGs are aimed at ending poverty, tackling inequality, and combating climate change.

Unlike the MDGs, the SDGs are people centered as their design process was more participatory.

The participatory process of the SDGs, puts citizens at the Center of their success, hence calling for active involvement of citizen in their implementation.

Citizens also have a huge task of holding leaders accountable to the SDGs through citizen led accountability processes.

One key group that should never be left out of the the SDG process are the young people. The world today is home to 1.8 Billion Young People between ages 10 - 24.

Though this may seem a challenging scenario, its in fact an opportunity. How we meet the needs and aspirations of our young people will determine the success of the SDGS, end poverty and unemployment, end discrimination and reduce social inequality, reduce mortality and morbidity including maternal mortality and morbidity and ensure environmental sustainability and economic growth.

Therefore, Uganda Youth and Adolescents Health Forum is joining the rest of the CSO s in Uganda to launch and implement the #TondekaMabega campaign. This campaign is aimed at sensitizing communities about SDGs, promoting dialogue and amplifying the voices on citizens in advocacy and accountability for SDGs.

Uganda Youth and adolescents Health Forum is keen not so seen the Leave No One behind phrase turn into rhetoric.

We shall do all that is within our means to sensitize young people about the SDGs and empower them to advocate and and hold to account their leaders for successful implementation of these goal.

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