Uganda Youth and Adolescent Health Forum in partnership with Ministry of Health Uganda, WHO Uganda, the Uganda CSO Youth Network on UHC, the Global Civil Society Engagement mechanism on UHC and UHC2030 organized the National Adolescent Health Accountability round table on UHC at Fairway Hotel Kampala in commemoration of the World UHC Day 12th December 2019. In preparation for the day, UYAHF sent out UHC Day advocacy letter to key policy makers calling on them to keeping the promise to deliver on UHC 2030.
The National Adolescents Health Accountability Round Table organized under the theme: Working with adolescents and young people to achieve universal health coverage through delivering an adolescent health responsive health care system was attended by over 80 participants including young people, CSO representatives, media, academia, community representatives, health service providers, legislators, policy makers from government (ministry of health), UN representatives (WHO, UNHCR, UNICEF) among others. The young people in the room included in school and out of school youths, refugee youths, young mothers, adolescents and young people living with disabilities, young mother among others.

A UYAHF change champion with a message on UHC day

The occasion was graced by Dr.Olive Ssentumbwe from the World Health Organization, Mr. Achilles Kiwanuka PPDR, Dr. Sarah Byakika the commissioner health services, planning, financing and policy at Ministry of Health, runner ups from the Miss Uganda foundation, Interaid, we talk series among others.
A number of panel discussions were held upon the different road maps to achieve UHC with a number of recommendations being made on how to involve young people on planning and programming for more youth friendly approaches and services.

a panel discussion on involving young people in achieving UHC

Dr.Bayo Fatunmbi the deputy country representative for World Health Organization called on young people to uphold health promotion, education and disease prevention by engaging in physical exercise, healthy eating, regulating the use of alcohol and tobacco and also adopt safer sexual practices and drink a lot of water to remain healthy. He also re-affirmed WHO’s commitment to young people and promised to work with UYAHF and other youth serving organizations in promotion of health of young people and adolescents.
The event was closed with the official launch of the report titled ACHIEVING UNIVERSAL HEALTH COVERAGE IN UGANDA- NEEDS, CHALLENGES AND EXPERIENCES OF ADOLESCENTS AND YOUNG PEOPLE IN THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM which the Uganda youth and adolescent health forum compiled through a study of 110 young people and came up with this report on universal health coverage and also avenues where young people can access the report and recommendations on how the report can be adopted.