Our change champion Edith demonstrating the correct way of wearing a condom.

On 3rd and 5th  Feb 2021, UYAHF Change Champions, VHT’s, and UYAHF Adolescent Clinic Health Staff in Mbale district carried out a community outreach for adolescent girls, motorcyclists, and community people around paradise girls hostel in Somero cell, Namatala ward, Mbale city at half London stage. During the outreach, they reached out to businesswomen and men who are busy in the market and by the roadside respectively.

During the outreach, they provided services like family planning, GBV screening, STI screening, HIV Testing and Counselling, condom distribution, and general counselling. 49 women and 66 men took HIV services respectively, 29 girls and women were screened for Gender-Based Violence, 7,102 male condoms were distributed by our change champions, 6 young women took Family Planning services, 22 boys and 14 girls were screened for STI’s.

The Health education as speared by the change champions and the UYAHF Adolescent Health Clinic in charge, among the topics, discussed included proper and consistent condom use, causes, dangers, and mitigation measures for Teenage Pregnancy, Menstrual Hygiene, and HIV prevention. The health education was delivered in groups and questions to particular topics were raised which were answered by the in-charge and change champions.

The women raised several myths that the men have around condom use such as men desisting from putting on condoms claiming they are allergic to condoms, condoms dont fit them among others. By the end of the community outreach the Adolescent Health clinic team had demystified all the myths surrounding condom use.

The VHT Mr. Wakooli Fred at the end of the outreach thanked UYAHF for extending services near to the people and pledged to always support the clinic. Change Champions from Mbale and the  Mbale Network of Young People Living with HIV/AIDS-MNYPA  leader Mweru Peter thanked UYAHF for creating a safe space to encourage experience sharing and learning of young people in their diversity.