Fridays at the UYAHF offices usually have a hive of activities as multiple young people attend the activities in the youth hub, however on Friday 25th, the team of volunteers and change champions seized the opportunity to take the hub activity to kyambogo university where the 7th annual national youth skills development expo was happening.

The event was graced by a multitude of young people from the university and from many other parts of the country, multiple organizations and government bodies like Restless Development, The Hunger Project, Google, Uganda Revenue Authority, to mention but a few, with key guests including members of parliament and the guest of honor being His Excellency Nicolay A. Hejberg Peterson, the Danish ambassador to Uganda.

His Excellency Nicolay A. Hejberg Peterson, the Danish ambassador to Uganda at the Youth Expo.

The UYAHF change champions skillfully and competently provided information on safe sex, different family planning methods, abortion, and menstrual health management to any and all the young people and guests that were attracted to the UYAHF exhibition tent. Many interested young people were shown how to use both male and female condoms and they were handed some for their private use and also encouraged to always use them and not to fear keeping them at hand as its better to be safe and protected from HIV/AIDS and STIs.

As the day progressed, even more young people were drawn to the exhibition tent to receive information and also participate in the interesting games that were being held within the tent and later, the team went ahead to distribute condoms for free in the halls of residence in Kyambogo University along with information on how to use them and diminish the stigma around condoms, this exercise was received with mixed reaction but non the less was a success.