Young people are confined in their houses because of the ongoing total lock down in Uganda, that is amid at curbing and preventing the spread of COVID-19. Uganda Youth and Adolescent Health Forum has used various social media platforms to engage the young people and also constantly share correct SRHR information as a way of expanding online information. Although the total lock down has greatly affected the uptake of family planning services in the country, there are so many myths and misconceptions around family planning who have also negatively affected the uptake.

Uganda Youth and Adolescent Health Forum  being a dynamic organization organised  the first of its kind virtual dance party where we hosted MUNG and his dance crew on 26th April 2020. The dance party was for one hour and thirty minutes were young people jammed to the dance hall songs of MUNG while demystifying the myths and misconceptions surrounding family planning. The virtual show was very interactive and attracted over 3,000 young people who asked various questions about family planning, myths and misconceptions. MUNG took breaks between his performance to answer some of the questions asked by his fans and also called upon the sexuality active couples to go to midwives and trained people to provide family planning services to them. “with the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic a lot has changed especially the economy we don’t not plan for the sizes of our families we shall be in trouble” said MUNG. The Uganda Youth and Adolescent Health Forum team did a great job by responding to all the questions that appeared in the comments section.

Responses to some of the family planning questions ,myths and misconceptions in the comments section.

Education programs and initiatives such as the dance party are needed in order to address the common myths and misconceptions surrounding modern contraceptives. These are mostly surrounding the side effects, short- and long-term health problems and negative stereo types about individuals that practice family planning. Inadequate and incorrect knowledge of modern contraceptives has greatly contributed to the low uptake and use of family planning. In addition, belief of myths and misconceptions about family planning has been positively associated with contraceptive discontinuation.