Young people at the Uganda youth and adolescent health clinic (ADHC)-Mbale have formed a social group called “Thank God it is Friday” (TGF), a fellowship that brings them together every Friday to share their experiences, learn from one another and carry out sports activities.

The group comprises of adolescent girls and boys from around Namatala and half London who meet every Friday afternoon from 2:00 to 6:00pm at the adolescent clinic during which they hold a two-hour session of discussion where everyone shares his or her weekly experiences; challenges they came across and how they came through them.

Then they later involve in co-curricular activities including outdoor games like volley ball, soccer, chess, ludo, among others, watch educative movies and as well show case their talents through music dance and drama.

One of the group members called Joel says that the group will help create avenue for the youth to get to know each other, learn new skills and socialize especially during the covid 19 period where many young people are idle at home.

“You very well know the saying that ‘an idle mind is the workshop of the devil’, so not to let our minds become  the devil’s workshop, we saw it wise to come together and always socialize and get busy with games and also show case our talents.” Joel added.

He thanked UYAHF for bringing the adolescent health clinic to cater for the young people who are always intimidated to go to most health facilities and putting up programs that help to better the life of the young people.

During the launch of the group, Mr. Mwesige Patrick, the UYAHF team leader lauded the young people for coming up with the idea of forming the group. He encouraged them use the group as an avenue to learn, socialize and develop their talents and careers.

Mr. Patrick Mwesigye, the team leader UYAHF addresses the youth during the launch of TGF at the UYAHF adolescent Health Clinic

“I work towards empowering you the young people and that is the reason to why I am pleased with this initiative. Please use this platform to positively impact your life and don’t hesitate to approach me for any assistance and guidance.” Patrick added.

He further urged them to always be respectful to their parents by informing them when they are leaving home for the clinic.

Lastly Mr. Patrick called upon the members to be mindful about their health and always go for testing to know their health status noting that being healthy will render them more productive.