The Youth Hub is a project under the Livelihood program of Uganda Youth and Adolescent Health Forum, (UYAHF). The Goal of the Youth Hub is to create a safe space for recreation, skilling and learning for adolescents and young people. The Youth Hub, mainly focus on providing hands on entrepreneurship and business skills development, recreational activities, and a space for learning.

The skills delivered include; tailoring, bakery and confectionary, art and craft products like hand bags, travellers’ bags, laptop bags, jewellery, African scandals, making liquid and bar soap, paper bags, charcoal briquettes, and hair dressing and these courses are taught by qualified and experienced instructors.

Equipped with correct, appropriate and accurate information...

In addition to learning and skilling, young people are equipped with correct, appropriate and accurate information on their health and wellbeing, including information on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), prevention and management of Sexual and Gender based violence (SGBV), HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted disease prevention and management, promotion of Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (MNCH), prevention and management of drug and substance abuse among other health related issues that affect young people.

The information is shared through dialogues and experience sharing. The Youth Hub further provides, rehabilitation and psychosocial support services to vulnerable adolescents and young people, and links them to youth friendly health service points for the services they may need.

Objectives of the Youth Hub:

  • To equip young people with entrepreneurship and business skills development.
  • Provide young people with accurate and relevant SRHR information and link them to health care services.
  • Rehabilitate and provide psychosocial support to vulnerable young people.

Inauguration and orientation of the 1st cohort of the Youth Hub trainees:

On the 8thof May 2018, Uganda Youth and Adolescent Health Forum officially launched the Youth Hub, with 52 young people registered in the various short courses. They include 15 students who are currently taking part in the bakery classes, 10 students from the hair dressing classes, 15 from the tailoring class and 12 from the liquid soap, candles and charcoal lighters class.  So far, two of the 1 month long courses including soap and candle making have been completed successfully and we are in the process of having another cohort on board.

Success stories

Two of our own change champions have been trained to be trainers (ToT) and are passing on skills and knowledge to fellow champions and other qualified and experienced trainers carry out sessions at the Youth Hub. The trainees have had experience in both theory and practical segments of the various courses being taught. They have shared their experiences in the Youth Hub and some of these are quoted below:

“I’m so excited to learn how to make scented candles and mosquito repellants, and I believe this skill will be of great help to me as I contribute towards the fight against malaria as well as making house hold items for home use” Patricia Kisakye 18years.

“I thank UYAHF for giving me the opportunity to learn. Making liquid soap has helped me to save the money I spend on laundry at my dad’s restaurant as I can now make the soap myselft. Am hoping to be a supplier of other restaurants when I have finally made some good capital and discussed the terms of supply”, Judea Rutangi, 20years.

 “I believe it’s time to work out my dream to reality. I have got a skill in baking cookies, tea scorns, biscuits, cakes and still expecting to learn more from our excellent tutor. I dream of having a bakery and confectionary hub at the center of Kampala that will provide all types of cakes, snacks, cookies, Scorns, bread and other pastries with a creative and unique”, Kevin Niyonzima, 17 years

“The cakes we make are so tasty that I believe they can compete on the market. The cake products have been tested by the UYAHF staff and other guests that visit the Youth Hub who have acknowledged and appreciated us, which has been a key motivating factor for the young people to learn more”, Joan Nandera, 24 years.

“I have truly learnt the science of handling hair and the beauty that comes with understanding several hair designs and styles that women and girls (youth) love. Practical hands on sessions with ‘Hajjat’ our tutor have made me focus on the future of creating my own saloon in the middle of the city where I can explore my skill”, Winnie Nanyama 16 years.

“I never wanted to even think about the hardships that one goes through while cutting, sewing, knitting and finishing off a fabric into a well-designed piece ready to be worn. I have capacity to design any piece of cloth for any size in the minimal time possible courtesy of the UYAHF Youth Hub trainings”, Beyongera Ayiine 20 years.