Youth Led and Youth Serving

UYAHF works to SUPPORT and engage with youth when it comes to sexual and reproductive health rights, gender equity and youth well-being
UYAHF is established by vibrant youth activists called: CHANGE CHAMPIONS, who work with us and in their communities to give a powerful voice to youth, women and girls

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Advocacy and Accountability

We ADVOCATE for empowering processes for youth, for policies to be sexual health inclusive and for women and girls to achieve equity at all levels
Uyahf hold themselves and others accountable. We work to MOBILISE and ENGAGE with local authorities, policy makers, civil sector officials and other organisations

Collaboration and Partnership

UYAHF believes in truly COLLABORATIVE partnerships. That means, working together and supporting one another to ACHIEVE common goals
We work alongside She Decides Uganda, Girls Not Bride, Marie Stopes Uganda and a number of other organisations to achieve BETTER RESULTS for our youth, women and girls 

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