Musawo Allan facilitating a session

Our change champions in Mbale organized a school outreach at Nabuyonga primary school on the 22nd of April 2021. The team was welcomed by the headteacher Ms. Kabuni Grace Irene, who allocated to them the P.4,5, and 6 classes that they were to interact with. The school outreach was attended by 299 pupils of which 166girls and 133boys. The school outreach was organized under the following objectives;

  1. To create a fun and interactive platform for young people to share their ideas and get correct information on their sexual and reproductive health and rights and the effects of child marriage.
  2. Burst the myths and misconceptions around menstruation that the boys and girls have.
  3. Inform them about the dangers of teenage pregnancies and child marriages.

The change champions discussed topics such as puberty where pupils were informed about the changes that happen during this period such as the development of beards, enlargement of breasts, menstruation among others. The pupils were informed about the importance of maintaining good hygiene during menstruation, how to manage menstrual pains such as taking warm water, using hot water bottles, exercising among others, and by the end of the session, the pupils had acquired knowledge on how to make reusable pads. Our change champions shared the various ways in which one can contract HIV such as having unprotected sex, coming in to contact with specific bodily fluids of someone living with HIV such as blood, semen, and breastmilk. One can protect themselves from HIV by avoiding sharing sharp objects such as needles, razor blades, starting treatment new or expectant mother living with HIV, as this will dramatically reduce the risk of passing HIV to your baby during pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding among others

The headteacher was grateful for UYHAF to have chosen her school to benefit from their #BooksB4Babies campaign ‘it was evident that many of the pupils lacked or had limited knowledge around these topics’ said  Ms.Kabuni Abuni Grace Irene.